Clusterduck presents
internet fame

A pavilion for
the wrong
digital biennale

The Internet Fame Embassy,
co-organized and hosted
by panke gallery in Berlin,
will be open for public
from the 13th of January (Vernissage)
to the 26th of January 2018 (Closing),
with a big night featuring live music,
performances and DJs
on Saturday the 20th
of January 2018.

Andy Kassier and Richard Munaba


"Success is just a sticker away" by Andy Kassier and Richard Munaba allows everyone to be part of Andy’s successful life. You can stick him and his bossy motivative energy everywhere around you online. So you can connect your life with his life. Having him on your website gives you a playful tool for instant success , even when you are just scrolling down and pressing some buttons. You are the actor now, with a little help of Andy you will be the next star of your own universe.

Andy Kassier (1989, Berlin) studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He lives and works in Cologne and Berlin.

Andy is a conceptual visual artist. His body of work comprises self-portraits, sculptures and installations in which he discusses matters of wealth, success and the related self-representation in our time. Richard Munaba is a multidisciplinary new media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His body of work ranges from video, to sculptural objects, to interactive installations. His recent work titled "Windowed Vistas" explores the relationship between human-technology-nature. For the Internet Fame show, Munaba utilizes the tool and connection he built while he worked for GIPHY to create a sticker pack in collaboration with Andy Kassier.

“Success is Just a Sticker Away” bridges the gap between you and your success. Using GIPHY World AR application, you get to stick Andy wherever you need the extra motivation to break the glass ceiling and reach that goal you have always wanted to reach.

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Amelia Zhang and Colin Rosati


Gnothi Sauton holds a mirror to the inner world. Through the creation of apparel we embrace symptoms of networked technology. By examining self-branding in this era of consumption of relationships we can see a trans-medial smearing of physical and digital.

Amelia Zhang born in 1993, is an interdisciplinary new media artist. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting. She is interested in queer technofutures (or rather techNOfutures). She is currently based in Beijing, China.
Colin Rosati is a Toronto based media artist using researched methodologies employing video installations, web based tools, mobile technologies and electronics. Colin's work often revolves around authenticity, human experience, fallibility and community. He has exhibited in Canada, most recently at Trinity Square Video Gallery’s vitrine space. In 2015 Colin has won Canada’s first emerging digital artist award with his video Autocidal After Image collected by Equitable Bank.

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Aurélie Bayad


The main idea of this video is to question the viewer as to what kind of reality is shown.
Does the person you are watching really exist?
Is it a created universe? Are those people performing or is it a real moment? What is happening?
Are they aware that they are viewed? Is it only for show?

The cat that observes itself.
It is absurd to find the photos of Aurélie Bayad absurd, as it is impossible for a cat to spy on itself. The nail is the rotation, or the mirror if you want. Because looking at his photos is as if we are a mirror ourselves.
The mirror does not know what it reflects, but this fact makes it absolutely objective. It reflects everything, also what is invisible.
The mirror is slow and cuts a part of the world, a part of Aurélie, which weighs itself in the mirror, in the world, in its universe.

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Byrke Lou


nodes_x is a new media art performance about private data flow in the world wide web. nodes_x consists of live coded music, coded visuals and performance elements.

Byrke Lou grew up in the Berlin clubbing world. She studied physics, philosophy, electro acoustic composition and Digital Media and worked in complex systems research institutes across europe. She travelled South America, West Africa, Europe and the Middle East, presented her work at Ars Electronica, Transmediale and CTM Berlin. She educated and mentored young women on creative business, coding, diy electronics and electrodynamics privately and at universities. Throughout she never gave up her love for dancing and the clubbing scene. Byrke’s artistic work examines why we produce new technologies and how these technologie’s data shapes our perception.

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Callum Harper


The world is forever changing, the melding of IRL and URL has become synonymous with mixing the wet and dry ingredients together as in a cake recipe. Which could be translatable to a methodology for life, wet and dry, good and bad, online, augmented, fictitious personas and real life transparent, confused souls. Is it superficial though?
Join me, in Callum’s World. Werk! I’ll teach you how to live correctly. I’ll tell you the hottest tips in fashion, hygiene, sport, well being, music, make up, professionalism and much, much more!

Born in Australia now based in Glasgow, Callum works with notions around LGBT culture, and combines discourse around reality and online life to create dialogue around the disparate differences of communication IRL vs URL. Primarily working with text, video and performance, Harper travels to varied destinations of contrasting political values toward LGBT citizens, and internalises locals opinions and his personal experiences on acceptance and daily life. The amalgamation of this collected experiential information and research data informs the medium and personal responses to experiences within differing contexts. Harper holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University in Caulfield, Australia, and a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Cara Lien


In the digital performance @moistandunstable, Cara Lien combines nude selfies with short texts on Instagram. The intent is to subvert the language of sexual objectification through putting the person back into the object. Lien does this by taking pictures of her body and publishing them alongside deeply intimate texts regarding personal life and mental health.

Cara Lien (born 1990, Drammen Norway) is a multidisciplinary artist who explores themes of female sexuality and cultural voyeurism through oil painting and digital performance art (including photography, video, text and music). She recently finished a bachelors in fine arts at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and currently lives and works in Oslo.

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Carol Breen


Strictly is created from re-edited, reframed and re-choreographed sequences ​taken from episodes of Strictly Come Dancing. Dance steps are repeated and repositioned and as such the performance begins to mimic itself. This piece is a parody, created through the repetition of certain exaggerated gestures and facial expressions that portray a certain type of inauthenticity.

Carol works through various mediums to examine how the processes of remaking, re-recording and re-choreographing, can reveal tensions between temporal regimes. Her work explores the impact entangled technologies have on how practice is defined and categorized and she is interested in the politics between digital and physical spaces and places. Carol studied Visual Communications at The Limerick School of Art and Design in Ireland, and completed an MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, London. At present she is doing a Practice-as Research PhD at The Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University England.

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Cassio Moreira


At the Age of the White Plates We are continuously outdated A sweeping seconds hand reaches out for unknown nowadays i can Pay for a plate with Internet Images printed on it I Live in Brazil I Hope You Enjoy

Cassio creates high art; electronic music; fashion trends; literature; performances; installations; paintings and draws; videos; mental images; noise. Cassio was born at 1996 June 30. Cassio wants to be succesfull with art production. Cassio wants to meet you.

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Esben Holk


HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk presents the life-altering home-improvement video package: a lifestyle-guide to bettering yourself towards your imminent future as omnipresent internet entity™ ! 2017. A complete necessity for any digital and anatomical body embarking on their transition into ontological uncertainty through internet stardom! Get your body ready for all the likes and shares coming your way!

HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk is a BFA graduate from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2017, with a background in creative coding, browserbased experiences and performative strategies. Concerned with the absence of ontological density in the material and notional existence of produced entities, such as the queer, he has been researching the agility of the proposed borders that define such objects. Vehemently anti-essentialist and anti-naturalist, the posthuman artist proactively approaches the sensation of being a lost entity as a weapon in a revolution. Almost like a selfcomforting mechanism, the works are desperate attempts to find meaning and reason with the constant displacement from certainty: an unsubstantiated self, in selfharming ways, trying to find substance.

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Fausto Marcon


Fausto Marcon, art and design enthusiast, musical composer, writer, graphic illustrator, independent publisher, multidisciplinary artist.
His works, produced in various media and formats, mainly digitally distributed/promoted, both visible and audible, are composed by a mix of distortions, imperfections, micro variations, transitional harmonics emerging across the entire frequency spectrum and capturing synesthesias of unperceived reality.

The text was composed using the beatnik technique of the cut-up; cutting and pasting several phrases, here "cropped" directly from the Internet. The text follows a random evolution of expressions and definitions that refer to the significance of “fame” within the art world and from the artist’s point of view. It includes some distortions of sentences spoken by 90’s counterculture authors, copy/paste from Wikipedia, psychology studies, gossips blogs and interviews to people considered famous.

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Felix Rothschild


My work is a reflection on the distorted image people get from artists through their digital presence. Despite the love and admiration for their work, most artists are known only as a dissolving and rather anonymous being people project their impression onto using posts, content and the information made available to the public.

Felix Rothschild (31), was born, raised and is currently living in Dresden/Germany. He started with photography when his father gave him his first camera around the age of 5. He works as freelance media designer and digital artist. His artistic practice investigates the uncanny and disorienting influences of digital technologies, as they interrupt traditional perceptions of self, order and place. He works mainly with digital mediums, doing 3D-, photography- and glitch-aesthetic-related works.

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Gregory Chatonsky


She has no talent, she has nothing exceptional, she is none other than our own design, that is to say the way she’s represented to us. It is simply an extended skin, everything is on the surface. There is nothing to look behind.

Born in 1971 in Paris, France. Lives and works in Paris and Montreal. He has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in France, Canada and abroad, including Imprimer le monde at Center Pompidou in 2017, and Capture: Submersion in 2016, Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona. He founded in 1994, one of the first collectives of netart. He has been teaching at the Fresnoy (2004-2005), at the UQAM (2007-2014) and is an artist-researcher at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.

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Ian Haig


While Facebook results in the over-sharing of personal information, such a notion is perversely represented here as the skinned human body - the veneer of our exterior selves broken down and our interiors revealed, left on display within the network of social media.

Haig’s practice refuses to accept that the low and the base level are devoid of value and cultural meaning. His work has been seen in numerous exhibitions including: The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; The Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne; Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Artec Biennale – Nagoya, Japan; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden-Rot, Germany.

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Jessica Goehring


Inspired by meme and gif culture the videos are edited to feel both humorous and acidic.

Jessica Goehring is an American multi-media artist living and working in NY. Her work focuses on themes like consumerism, feminist identity, gender politics and social media.

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Jules Durand


The Meme Manifesto is a super deep critical book that introduce memes as vernacular artistic movement. Through a graphic approach of several mechanisms inherent to remix culture, it asks various theoreticians and practicians of this phenomenon to look at memes from a critical and aesthetic angle.

Jules Durand is currently finishing his studies in Graphic Design and Typography at ÉSAAB Nevers. His master degree focuses on the framing of memes in digital culture. The way they spread, evolve and influence Internet users and our society. He’s leadings an editorial project in order to write and design a Meme Manifesto.

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Kathryn Ashford


Digi Phone Art Shiz is the processes and explorations of form and color, through non-isometric shapes and imagery created using varying methodologies: Snapchat, photoshop, gif, phone/computer apps, etc. Technology directly influences and shapes not only my work but my identity and personhood (via Internet 2017). Learning various ways to record the use of language, symbolism, and sarcasm through the lens of a virtual space. Living/Seeing/Making through artificial Paradox --- the World Wide Web!!!

I am Kathryn Ashford. 23 Years old. Cannabis Religion/A.D.D./introvert/nerd. My work is interested in technology, spirituality, virtuality, mysticism, and social media based identity.
Greater Los Angeles Area. Creator of Non-Empirical Realities.
Seeking to understand the depths of dimensions we cannot fully yet perceive… Studying/Creating to re-materialize spirituality through virtual aspects of reality that are ideal, but nonetheless real. ❤️
Combining Analogous Painterly techniques and intuitional realities to digital mediums.

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Katrin Krumm


In her work, the artist reflects on her individual experience of growing up with the Internet and finding her place in a virtual room filled with like minded teenagers. Interacting with others via the first social communities, for example websites dedicated to a cultural phenomenon (for example recreating Pokémon adventures via role-playing games), created both a digital retreat for sharing unusual interests and provided the first possibility for self-display in the web.

The work of Southern Germany based designer and digital artist Katrin Krumm critically focuses on the significance of modern pop-culture and its impact on society. In an often deliberately provocative approach, she recurrently uses iconic artifacts which reflect impressions and tendencies within the most important medium of the Western world - the Internet. Since 2015, Katrin Krumm is part of the artist collectives Very Very Contemporary (Sucuk and Bratwurst, SELAM X u.v.m.) and Freiburg-based Vapor Club.

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Les Liens Invisibles


Finally, a useful App for Instagram that helps you choose magic moments to share from a catalog of amazing pictures taken by someone else.
SIMPLE: Money and time are no more blocking problems.
FUNNY: Your limit now is just your imagination.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Differently from the real ones, your rich lifestyle has no impact on the environment. Environment thanks!
HUMAN-FRIENDLY: Rich people can finally spend money for more useful purposes than stupid parties.
YAY! Let’s change the world’s mindset, living in a new reality where everyone can be rich, having success where all the best utopian visions failed before.
Share the life you want, with Inflagram.

Les Liens Invisibles is an imaginary Italy-based artists duo comprised of Clemente Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini. Their work is an eclectic recombination of pop net culture, reverse engineering techniques, social media subvertising, and any other kind of media manipulations. Since 2007 Les Liens Invisibles have been infiltrating the global communication networks in order to join and expand the invisible connections between art, the mediascape and real life. Most of their artworks and online interventions have been internationally exhibited in galleries, museums (MAXXI Rome, New School of New York, KUMU Art Museum of Talinn) and international art and media-art festivals (International Venice Biennale, Piemonte SHARE Festival, Transmediale). Les Liens Invisibles have recently been awarded with an honorary distinction at the Transmediale media art Festival (2011).

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Luis Roman


In a world where our devices are an extent of the self, There's no time for a true selfdom, there's no time for boring thoughts, no time for introspection and true reflection. Always trying to connect to everyone but to the self. To live differently, to act nice, to be better in the digital world. Disconnected from everyone and everywhere, but most importantly from the self.

Luis Román, aka ROGA, is a 3D generalist who currently resides in CDMX, México. He is a last year student at UVM and also works part time at a small studio called Espacio y Forma in Condesa. Alongside Ruby Gloom (HK) he created a video-game experience called "The Game of Fame". He’s creator and producer of the video "Shattered Love" from the local band NIO senses.

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Myriam Thyes


Each pair of hands plays both roles from Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" at the Sistine Chapel: God father and Adam, whos fingers touch each other.
Smartphones are the new saints to which we cling and who guide us on our ways - they are the amulets of our time.

New media artist from Switzerland, living in Germany. 1986-92 Academy of Fine Arts, Dusseldorf.
Fundings: City of Dusseldorf, State of Northrhein-Westfalia, Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, State of Luxembourg, City of Graz and Province of Styria (Austria).
AIR: Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (1990); Glasgow (2008); Graz (2015).
Awards: Depict Award, Encounters Festival, Bristol (UK), 2005; MultiMedia Prize, Avanca Festival (PT), 2006. Web / New Media Award, Alternative Film Festival, Toronto (CA), 2017.

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This artwork was inspired by the classical iconoclasm of Virgin Mary which is often represented in this pose. There are lots of symbolisms such as the colors of the tunic and the heraldic symbol of the lily on her left hand, which represents St. Clare of Assisi, protector of telecommunications. She never became aware of this title since she lived in 1200 a.C., in fact she was entitled such in 1958.
The heart with 5 swords represents the 5 dimensions. The 3 fingers raised in her left hand are a recurring gesture in the sacred representations of any epoch, here they are representing the 3 ages and the 3 worlds.
“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” – M. T. Cicero

Marica Martella (06.081992), AKA MEEDUSE, is an IT-alien digital visual artist and graphic designer. She graduated in New Technologies of Fine Arts at the G. Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. Her work is deeply influenced by cyberspace’s contamination of contemporary culture, the contrasts between material objects and the immateriality of the web, between the art crowd and casual audience.

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Nikolas Müller


We call each other ‘man,’ but it’s a joke. It’s like imitating other people.” Says Ben Stiller’s character in Greenberg movie. Nothing can better express a substantial change that happened in our understanding of masculinity. The model of a restless, competitive, successful and heroic alpha „man“ has been questioned by a variety of other models (beta, omega, gamma, sigma etc.) that ALLOW men much more freedom in shaping their lives .

Nikolas Müller (*1984) is a German analog and digital artist. He studied communication design at "University Treves". After his graffiti youth in the 90s, he kept collecting his sketchbooks and made around 40 unique books from the last 20 years. His handmade art is sometimes combined with found footage or rendered stickers to combine analog and digital worlds. Since 2004 he is working with digital 3D. As a music video director (for Jens-Uwe Beyer, Heike Hagen and Marco Schröder) his output is conceptual, experimental and narrative.
He was featured in a Feltzine Issue (No.6) and is the assistant of Tim Berresheim. His work got premieres at Denver (USA) and Museum Ludwig Cologne with Kompakt rec. He had a single exhibition at "Society for Fine Arts Treves" and "Gold+Beton" Cologne. He is in the Collection of the Diözesan Museum in Treves.

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Paul Wiersbinski


By aggregating from one state to the next, information does not only change form but meaning. Random packages of bytes drive by and leave the odor of shitstorms. Zones of hyper focus and depression fade into each other to create the constant flow of newsfeed streams. Quotes from interviews with plastic surgeons and celebrity porn stars are recited on digital gravestones.

I studied video art with Mark Leckey and Douglas Gordon at the Städelschule in Frankfurt (Main) and currently live and work in Berlin. The result of my artistic process is presented in multiple forms and mediums, often taking the shape of complex sets and installations, which have been presented internationally.

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Paulin Rogues


This picture is about acceptance of oneself. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we like, how we feel about the world: never be ashamed of who you are. Don’t be shy of your lightness and your beauty. It is part of a series of new goddess representations, the virtual propagations of religious icons for a new era.

Paulin Rogues AKA El Popo Sangre is a Paris-based artist who creates 3D narrative universes. After starting from drawing and writing comics, Paulin wanted to explore new perspectives with his work, and began to use 3D software as an artistic medium and visual way to reach minds, developing his vision through illustration, narrative movies and music clips. El Popo Sangre is recognized as an independent CGI filmmaker, and his works have been screened at Ars Electronica Festival, Museum of Modern Art of Portland and Superchief Gallery New-York.

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Philipp Teister

Internet celebrities and network falsification.

“FAMOUS for dayzzzz” is Philipp Teisters’ new work and contribution for the Internet and Fame pavilion of the Wrong biennial in 2018. Using a piece of furniture which is normally found in the living room and being used primarily for seating, he found a unique object of euphemism affirmative action.

Philipp Teister is an artist working with Internet technology and its impact on human history. Revealing the aesthetics of appropriation and conceptualism, he uses overriding strategies and intensively challenges the transitional area between privacy and anonymity. As a visual artist Teister seeks to overcome the separation of these forms and genres of art by trying to endeavor a holistic artistic approach.
Philipp Teister, born 1982, lives and works in Vienna/AT. He holds a MFA in New Media with honors from School of Arts and Design in Kassel/Germany. From 2009–2012 he has been committed in a cooperation and projects together with the artist duo UBERMORGEN.COM. He lectured at UT Vienna, ETH Zurich and BTH Cottbus. His work was shown in WRO Bienale in Wroclaw, Kuenstlerhaus in Vienna, NIMK in Amsterdam, and Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He is represented by Fach and Asendorf Gallery in Berlin/Bremen. His favorite animal is the horse. And Only god Knows.

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Pierre Chaumont


Vanity ( II to IX ) highlights the fragile stability of fame, power, and privacy in the digital age. Inspired by the 16th Century Dutch Vanitas, these works reactualize this style for our 21st Century language. These images are taken from the ICloud hack that targeted celebrities in August 2014, also called "The Fappening". Because of the triviality of the flesh, every protagonist was carefully removed from the scene, leaving only the conceptual framework of the image.

Pierre Chaumont is a conceptual artist. He has a Bachelor in Fine and Media Arts from Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Montreal, Canada. His works have been shown in various international exhibitions and institutions, amongst which: CICA Museum, South Korea; Stevenson Union Gallery, Oregon, USA; Pantocrator gallery, Shanghai, China; Web Biennial '17, Istanbul, Turkey; Papier 15 Fair, Complexe De Gaspe, Montreal, Canada; as well as many others.

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Randall Packer


What can’t you do when you have your very own Internet channel beamed out to the whole wide world!?

Greetings! I’m Randall Packer: artist, composer, and all around virus in the virtual realm. You see, as a student of the virtual, I came to the realization that when reality tv audiences reach critical mass and elect their own leader, we will once and for all enter into a world far beyond the suspension of disbelief, a world of total SHOW, 24/7, in which there is no longer any differentiation between the real and the imaginary. Welcome, to The Post Reality Show.

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Roberto Voorbij


One could say that Warhol's prophecy regarding 15 minutes of fame has largely become true. With the expansion of the internet to a platform where any user can broadcast its very own channel, his promise has been more than fulfilled. The repeating of fame which initially creates fame and subsequently flattens and destroys it, has increased as well. 'Portrait 7: Warhol' presents the artist as a work of art, the performer, the public personality.

Roberto Voorbij (1974) lives and works in Amsterdam, holds a bachelor degree in Visual arts and Art History from the Utrecht School of Arts and has attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Voorbij is a interdisciplinary artist, besides working with ‘ready made’ materials, he works with 3D Software, video and (digital) collage.

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Ruby Gloom


You portray an identity in real life and on the internet, but that's just the skin of you.
What are you? Who are you?
ROKO is you, ROKO is a character I created to represent a person.
The bright side of ROKO is an example of humans sugar-coated themselves to show how they want other people to see, while the dark side of ROKO is the example of the darkness inside one's heart.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ruby popped up from the Internet since 2012 because of her outrageous fashion style.
In 2016, Ruby started to work on digital art and her artwork had been featured frequently on FELT Zine. Her work is also featured on VICE Creator’s Project.
In March 2017, her work is exhibited in California USA at B4bel4b Gallery. Her story and 3D artwork is also featured on VICE China in April. In August, Ruby created a art workshop exhibiting her collaborative work “The Game Of Fame” in The James Black Gallery in Vancouver Canada. Shopping mall K11 also invited her as a guest speaker in Kulture Salon 11 talk.

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Samuel Fouracre


Samuel Fouracre’s video work focuses on finding the human within the digital. His current on-going video project, D.^^.$.®, explores how the digital environment, both as an interface but moreover as a form of reconstructing and publicising our intimate experiences, directly influences our image of self and the implications this ego-theism has on romantic and erotic relationships. D.^^.$.®_Rendezvous is a short, single channel extract from the multi-channel Project.

Samuel Fouracre (b. 1977, UK) completed an MFA at Royal College of Art, London, in 2009. He lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Jerwood Staging Series, curated by Gareth Evans, Jerwood Space, London, UK (2017), That’s What I Like About You, Glassbox Espace d’Art, Paris, FR (2016), Moscow International Experimental Film Festival (MIEFF), Moscow, RU (2016) and Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, DE (2016).

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Selam X


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Shedlina (full name: “Sheidlina” Lyalina Elena Viktorovna) was born on 30 June 1994 in Saratov. After finishing 9th grade she enrolled at Saratov's College of Book Industry and Information Technology. During this period, she registered on Vkontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, where her popularity grew rapidly because of her uncommon appearance and peculiar photographs. After moving to Saint-Petersburg to live with her future husband Eugeny, she started a video blog on YouTube as well as an Instagram blog. In 2017, she opened her first interactive solo-exhibition entitled «Sheidlina's Universe».

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Van Der Borght Bjornus


Question everything. Break conventions. Step away from the gun.

In my work, I research the effects of an image on the public and try to make the perceived artwork take on a form that at first glance may be taken for granted. The reasoning there is that after you become aware that nothing is for granted the vision gets enriched. To create that through art is an absolution I think any artwork needs to carry with it, if not, you may want to question its existence.
If there is one thing I really hate in anything, in art, it must be commercialization. This is what keeps me from creating a “success story” … Be what u wish u want 2b yet from the point it becomes commercial it's nearly dead. It’s undeniable that relevance and the force driving the artist are more important than any social status an artist may require. It’s important to see through those misconceptions that could be generated by certain popularity. Art should be generous yet unforced upon its viewer, anything else is uncivilized…

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Violet Forest

fL♡ա㉹r ɱĨᖆᖆōᖆ

fL♡ա㉹r ɱĨᖆᖆōᖆ attempts to recreate with the graphics card the pastel iridescent effect that is currently trendy in textiles, printing, and femme consumerism. The flower staring at itself in the mirror is a metaphor of selfie culture. The obsession with staring at one's beauty in the mirror parallels the obsession with staring at iridescent objects.

Violeta Forest is an artist working solo and collaboratively. Together with with Gabriella Hileman and May Waver she co-founded Cybertwee, a collective that explores the intersections of technology and cuteness. She's also known for her solo project, Vickie, an ongoing photo-essay of her sister that she started in 2011. She freelances as a front-end developer with design studios in Chicago and she makes virtual and augmented reality apps using openFrameworks and Unity. She's currently working with Studio 424 and she's developing a virtual-reality art exhibition with Cybertwee.

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