Art and fame are inextricably linked.

Unlike other human qualities, which may be attained through individual efforts, celebrity necessitates external feedback to come into being; likewise, the value of an artwork is all to often judged by the degree of appreciation it earns from the public. For many artists, the longing for fame is an important motivational drive for their creative process.

Internet and social media are rapidly transforming this historical relationship: a new generation of artists is using proprietary platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach out to a global public, directly and in real time, bypassing traditional institutions and gatekeepers of the art establishment. Old hierarchies are shaken, while new ones arise; as the role of galleries and curators is radically questioned. Brooding corporate powers loom in the background.

Meanwhile, this process is only one amongst countless symptoms of the latest wave of digitalization. While the complexity and depth of the current phase of the information revolution are only barely scratched by the analytical tools at our disposal, the enormous acceleration brought about by the combination of new communication devices and social media is being felt in all spheres of human activity. The ripples of this tectonic shift reach from obscure internet subcultures influencing the US presidential elections, to viral memes questioning the hegemonic value system, up to radical new ways of conceiving socialization, sexuality and the self.

The exhibition project “Internet Famous” intends to explore this complex interconnections, following the questions raised by the shifting relationship between establishment and subcultures, new and old hierarchies, declining and emerging forms of power and counter-power.

We want to invite all interested artists and creators to participate in our exploration of fame in the age of internet.

The exhibition is conceived as part of “The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale”. Wrong defines itself as “the largest and most comprehensive international digital art biennale today. Its mission is to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience worldwide.”